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Share Christ's love with children and youth in Berlin!

2018 Trips

English Camp

Summer Camp

Deadline for applications – February 1st

E-mail Shelia Osborne for an application.


                  Language                      You do not have to speak German.
See below for more information.
              Who can serve?          College students and adults
                         Cost                          To be determined based on the number of people in a group and current airfares.  (Estimate is $2500-$2700 per person)


English Camp
This will be a structured English camp for kids aged
elementary through 14, that will include teaching time,
music/songs, small group time/mentoring, crafts,
and sports/games. The final day parents will be invited
for the children to present what they have learned.
All will be invited to church on Sunday. 

Summer Camp
(Volunteers must be College Age and up only)
This camp is a German church-sponsored week-long
event for kids age 9-13.
It is an excellent way to allow them to experience
the love of Christ through dedicated believers.
And….it gives the on-field staff a chance to encourage
and enhance relationships for year-long ministry.
(see below for more details)

College-age or older.
Volunteers should be mature Christians who are ready
and willing to minister, and who have experience
sharing their faith in a difficult cross-cultural situation.
While all volunteers must not be from the same church,
we would prefer to have volunteers
coming from no more than 3 various churches.
That way they can pray, prepare and plan
with others before arriving in Berlin.

You will be able to use your gifts and talents in the area of
sports, games, music, drama, crafts, as well as,
being available to help with set-up and clean-up.

Approximately 14 volunteers are needed to serve in some/all of the following ways:

Workshop Leaders:
-Responsible for organizing and leading creative workshops during camp
-Workshops last 90 minutes and have 8-14 participants
-Each workshop is offered 4 times so that multiple campers can take part
Previous workshops included: tie-dying, dancing, acrobatics, woodcarving, etc.

 Free Time Activities
-Organizing games like soccer or dodge-ball or even introducing
baseball or American football!

Camp Tear-Down Crew
-After camp all of the tents and restroom facilities, etc. need to be taken down
and stored away for the following year.

 Prayer Team
-Each evening while campers and counselors gather for a large group meeting,
we would like to have a team of folks interceding for them.

 Relationship Building
-Many kids already know some English.
You will have the opportunity to befriend kids this week and share
your faith as you eat and play together.

-Countless other ways to serve could include:
life-guarding, cleaning and building benches and other items
out of wood with the kids

Spiritual leader (1)
In addition we are also looking for one person to serve our short-term volunteers
by providing spiritual leadership (devotions for the team & prayer for individuals, etc.)




90% of the German population claim to be atheists.     Only 5% of Protestants and 18% of Catholics are active participants in church life. The Church is widely perceived as irrelevant and marginalized. There is sometimes open hostility toward anything Christian.
The Muslim population has grown to over 3 million from over 40 nations. Islamic organizations have intensified their activities and there are now over 2,200 mosques or prayer houses. We long to share the love of Jesus Christ and how having a relationship with Him changes lives!