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Be a part of what God is doing in Wales!

Fall 2016
Spring/Summer 2017
Dates are flexible

Applications and $150 deposit per person

For an application e-mail: sheliao@me.com

Church Ministry Support
Teams are invited to assist World Witness missionaries,
Drew & Lauren Goodman with church outreach to
children, youth and adults in their
small community in Barry, Wales (near Cardiff).
A 2-month summer internship for college students
is also available to live with the Goodmans
and assist in ministry and childcare. 

                 Requirements               The minimum age is 16, and the group maximum size is ten people.
                      Cost                   Approximate cost for the 10-day trip is: $2500-$2700, depending on airfare.
                 Internship                    College students who have completed at least their freshman year.  Cost: Approximately $3200
For more information and an application, e-mail Shelia Osborne at sheliao@me.com.


18.5% claim no religion at all. Most young people have no contact with or knowledge of Christianity resulting in a mostly godless and materialistic generation. Less than 5% attend any form of worship.  All over the UK, the influx of non-Christian religions has affected the worldview of the population.
Although Wales is known as the “land of the revivals,” the last revival took place in 1904 and since that time the state of the church has been declining. Wales is full of churches, but most of those churches are shut down and boarded up. Some have been sold to families, who use them as their homes, or to businesses where they are used as warehouses. How sad that they are no longer used to share the Word of God!
Presently, less than 5% of the Welsh people go to church and the average age of most church members is over the age of 60. This brings us to the sad reality that the children and youth who are now growing up in Wales are not being taught the Bible and are not going to church.