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Be a part of what God is doing in Wales!

Dates for 2016
July 21-August 1

Applications and $150 deposit per person
due February 1

For an application e-mail: sheliao@me.com


For almost 20 years, World Witness
has organized teams to minister in Wales,
sharing God’s Word 
with children and youth
who are growing up with no exposure to the Bible.

There are still thousands who have not yet had the
opportunity to hear the Gospel message.
Through Vacation Bible School, sports outreaches,
and coffee houses, relationships are built
 by showing
the Welsh people that they are special and loved by God.

Perhaps God is calling YOU to
Wales to share the Word of God with
those who still do not know our Lord and Savior.

Not only will the Wales missions trip greatly impact the lives of the Welsh people,
but it will be life-changing for you, too!

                 Requirements               The Wales trip is challenging and each team is responsible for their own children’s and youth programs. Therefore, the minimum age is 16, and completion of junior year in high school. It is also required that all youth have previously participated in the ARP Church Appalachia mission trip.
                      Cost                   Approximate cost for the 10-day trip is: $2500-$2700, depending on airfare. This amount does include a Charity’s Worker’s visa which is required by the United Kingdom government.
                 Internship                     There is a two-month summer internship program available to college students who have completed at least their freshman year.  Cost: Approximately $3200
For more information and an application, e-mail Shelia Osborne at sheliao@me.com.


Your schedule may need to be adapted to fit your host church’s situation,
but the general ministry will be as follows:

Holiday Bible Club

Each morning your team will conduct a Holiday Bible Club (VBS) in the church where
you are ministering in Wales. The team is responsible for the entire program,
including the music, bible story, crafts, and recreation.
However, there are usually adult and youth helpers from the host church.

You are responsible for selecting and purchasing the VBS curriculum.
If you are already preparing for Appalachia or your church VBS program,
it is fine for you to use that same VBS curriculum.
However, you will want to concentrate on the Bible part and eliminate
a good bit of the “frills”.

Sports Camp

Another opportunity for ministry is to go to the local park in the afternoons and
“hang out” with folks of all ages, especially elementary through high school age
students. Organized games such as soccer, American football, cricket and
rugby are big hits with the Welsh. FourSquare, relay races, and card/board games
are also popular and provide great entertainment for interaction.
You may want to take a good playground ball or two (and a pump).

Youth Coffee House

Each evening your team will lead a youth coffee house that typically includes a time of games,
music, skits, testimonies, and at some point during the week a clear Gospel presentation.
The main purpose of this time is for your American youth to build relationships
with the Welsh youth. Through these friendships, your youth are then able
to share how they became a Christian and why their life is different with Christ.



18.5% claim no religion at all. Most young people have no contact with or knowledge of Christianity resulting in a mostly godless and materialistic generation. Less than 5% attend any form of worship.  All over the UK, the influx of non-Christian religions has affected the worldview of the population.
Although Wales is known as the “land of the revivals,” the last revival took place in 1904 and since that time the state of the church has been declining. Wales is full of churches, but most of those churches are shut down and boarded up. Some have been sold to families, who use them as their homes, or to businesses where they are used as warehouses. How sad that they are no longer used to share the Word of God!
Presently, less than 5% of the Welsh people go to church and the average age of most church members is over the age of 60. This brings us to the sad reality that the children and youth who are now growing up in Wales are not being taught the Bible and are not going to church.