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Partner with the Missionaries in Spain!

2018 Trips

English Camp for children

English Club for adults
(year round dates)

Church-Planting Support
(Dates flexible)

     See below for more information.

 Deadlines for application and $150.00 deposit per person:
February 1

For an application, e-mail sheliao@me.com


 Who can go? Mature high school students, college students and adults. (Maximum of ten people per team)
 Cost Approximately $2700.00 per person, depending on airfares.
 Language You do not have to speak Spanish to serve in Spain.


English Club is an on-going opportunity for structured conversation
sessions with adult Spaniards who already have a good base of speaking English.
There will be group activities as well as one-on-one tutoring.

                    Pastors and Laymen can offer leadership training and encouragement through teaching, preaching, workshops, Bible studies, and discipleship/mentoring.
Small teams can participate in VBS and church services.


In Spain, during Franco’s dictatorship, Catholicism was the state religion. Non-Catholics, especially Evangelicals, were subject to discrimination and even persecution. The 1978 constitution guaranteed equality of rights for religions, but there are still evidences of discrimination against religious minorities.  
Though Catholicism remains the official religion, many no longer claim any link to the Catholic Church, due to mistrust of it as an institution.
Over 13 million live in towns and villages where there is no evangelical church.    One million students are largely un-evangelized.
There is a spiritual vacuum which is being filled by the occult, drugs, secularism, materialism,
Satanism and foreign cults.